Posted on Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Here’s my ever growing collection of bitters.  I am a fan.  A big fan.  My recent appreciation for bitters began late last fall when Brad Thomas Parsons came to Seattle for this event.  Since then, I’ve made a couple, bought some, and gratefully received some as gifts.

Bitters add a wonderful flavor layer to a cocktail.  They really can balance a drink.  A couple of dashes in a glass of sparkling water creates a fine non-alcoholic beverage.  (Lots of bitters do have an alcohol base, but we are only talking about 5 -6 drops in a glass of water.)

My bitters collection is organized on a silver-plated tray found at a thrift store, which is attached to a repurposed ceiling light fixture.  It’s the kind of display that now does double duty as room decor.  For more info on the bitters shown, please visit the bitters tab above.

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