Crazy for Cherries

Posted on Friday, March 2nd, 2012

We’re not talking about the bright red maraschinos here.  We’re talking about my current favorite cherry to garnish a cocktail – brandied dried cherries.  Absolutely scrumptious.  And so easy to make yourself.

Put some organic dried tart (like Montmorency) cherries in a small glass jar fitted with a lid. Cover them with some nice brandy, and wait a few days for them to plump up.  For extra credit, you could add a section of vanilla bean.  Or a clove or section of cinnamon stick or a star anise pod.  Go easy with the spice element.  Store the cherries in your fridge, and they will last for a while.  You can experiment with other liquors.  I made another batch using Limoncello, and was darn happy with the results.

Not only will these brandied cherries add more flavor to your cocktails, and be an attractive garnish, they are a welcome prize to find and enjoy in the bottom of your glass.

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