Bitters & Water

Posted on Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Here’s a very easy and very attractive non-alcoholic drink to make – Bitters & Water.  Add three dashes (or to your taste) of your favorite bitters to a glass of ice water, or soda water if you want to be extra fancy.  The Peychaud’s bitters is fairly easy to find, and creates this lovely rose red hue.  You could use any bitters, depending on your preference.  As your collection of bitters grows, it is fun to let guests choose their own bitters selection to enhance their waters.  Many of the bottles have an eye dropper feature, which makes you feel like a mad scientist of sorts.  I keep my tray of bitters handy for entertaining.

Bitters & Water is an aromatic, non-alcoholic drink that is distinctive and flavor-packed.



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