Harvesting Bitters Ingredients

Posted on Monday, September 10th, 2012

Harvesting Bitters Ingredients –

I planted nigella or love-in-a-mist for the seeds. The flowers and the seed pods are handsome as well. I needed nigella seeds  a while back for a rhubarb bitters recipe, and ending up buying some at Sugarpill Apothecary in Seattle. It’s a wonderful place to find medicinal and culinary herbs, and other gourmet treats. These nigella pods are almost ready to harvest.

You want to wait until the pods are brownish, and very dry. Then sit yourself down, and crack them open over a bowl. It’s a satisfying process, but sort of takes longer to do than you figure.

Here is what I have collected so far. I tasted a few seeds as I removed them from their pods. They are definitely bitter, and have an appealing, peppery taste. Now I am intrigued to infuse some more cocktail ingredients with nigella seeds. They are worth the work.

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