Scented Geranium Sugar

Posted on Monday, September 17th, 2012

Scented Geranium Sugar –

I remember at the tail end of last winter wishing there were more herbs and edibles available to use from our garden for my cocktails. Sage and rosemary were hardy souls, and a few more fresh herbs were available at the store, but they were sort of pricey. So besides all the canning of jams, syrups, sauces, chutneys, salsa and pickles I’ve been doing, I’m also figuring our ways to preserve some different herbs.

Scented sugars are easy, and a successful way to capture herbal flavors. I used some scented geranium leaves for this one. Earlier in the summer, I found a terrific scented geranium at Bountiful Home, in Edmonds. It smells and tasts like a blend of rose and lemon essences. Poor thing has a stripper name though – Candy Dancer. In our Northwest climate, scented geraniums don’t survive very well outdoors through the winter. I plan to pot this one up, and find some shelter for it before our first frost.

To make this scented sugar, I picked four large leaves of scented geranium for one cup of sugar. I washed the leaves, and let them dry overnight. This helps concentrate the oils in the leaves. Then the four big leaves and one cup of sugar went into the food processor. I tore the leaves up quite well first, so I wouldn’t have to pulse as much. I didn’t want to pulverize the sugar into dust. And I used a good quality organic, cane sugar for this. The sugar smells heavenly, and will keep indefinitely in a well sealed jar. For cocktails, it will be a distinctive sweetener, and will create gorgeous sugared rims as well.


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