Rumtopf – Fruits in Rum

Posted on Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Rumtopf –

Any word that translates to rum pot is going to catch my fancy. Especially if it’s an easy way to preserve fruit in rum. I ran across this article about different variations of Rumtopfs in the New York Times. The process is an infusion, with the emphasis on the fruit more than the liquor. But the way my two jars of Rumtopf are going so far, I am going to have both fruits soaked in rum, and rum infused with the fruits. I loosely followed the recipe and the proportions for the fruit, sugar and rum mentioned in the New York Times article.

For the darker blue Rumtopf, I layered blackberries, plums and more blackberries with rum and sugar. For the orange colored Rumtopf, I used strawberries and peaches. You can use all sorts of combinations of fruits and berries. I snuck a taste, and the rum already tastes splendid. I’m going to be patient, and let these mellow until the holidays. In the meantime – these Rumtopfs are little works of art in bottles to enjoy.

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