Toffee Coffee Goodness

Posted on Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

Toffee Coffee Goodness –

Vanilla ice cream + toffee candy + coffee liqueur = a scrumptious dessert that is super easy and quick to prepare. Make it for yourself for a special treat, or make it for your next group of guests. This coffee liqueur made by House Spirits in Portland, Oregon has a true coffee flavor, and isn’t overly sweet. It’s lovely to drink on its’ own, and perfect for a dessert like this. The combinations of ice cream flavors, candy bits and liqueurs are endless. The proportions are flexible too. After a big meal of homemade Mexican food, I made modest portions for our dessert. Here’s what I did.

Toffee Coffee Goodness

generous scoop of vanilla ice cream

heaping tablespoon of broken English toffee pieces

1 ounce coffee liqueur


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