Whiskey Confessional

Posted on Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Of course I love expensive, flavorful whiskeys. Who doesn’t? But there is also one cheap whiskey I am fond of – R & R. Plastic bottle. Screw top. Great price. It was the one my Dad kept in the house. I confess I use it in some cocktails – ones that have other strong, can hold their own ingredients. And I used R & R to infuse these bing cherries. During the summer, I created the Whiskey Bing Bing cocktail, and kind of got addicted to them. I knew bing cherry season wouldn’t last forever. So I filled a quart glass jar with pitted bing cherries, and covered them with my R & R. After a couple of weeks, I tested one of the cherries, and decided to add a small amount of sugar. A month later, these cherries were yummy. I went through another streak of being addicted to Whiskey Bing Bings. These whiskey-infused cherries are nearly gone. So sad. But I have some cherry-flavored whiskey remaining that is delicious on its’ own. My next cherry adventure is to infuse a bunch of frozen bings with whiskey. Since the cherries get muddled and smushed, I’m thinking the softer texture of the frozen cherries will be fine and dandy.  I may have another winner.

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