Future Icy Treats

Posted on Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Future Icy Treats

I made a recent batch of Strawberry Bay Infused Tequila for show and tell at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show. I wanted to show an infusion work in process. And I wanted to share my ┬ádarn good idea of rescuing the strawberries strained from the tequila from heading to the compost pile. Nearly every infusion recipe says to discard the solids. This is crazy talk sometimes. In this case, the strawberries still look okay, still taste like strawberries, AND they are packed full of the yummy Strawberry Bay Infused Tequila you just created. I’m freezing these strawberries in clumps overnight. The next day they transfer from the mini muffin tin (or ice cube tray) into a freezer plastic bag. These flavor-packed icy treats will be fantastic ice cubes for glasses of lemonade or to be muddled into future margaritas.

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“Future Icy Treats”

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