Manhattan Cocktail Classic

Posted on Friday, May 24th, 2013

Manhattan Cocktail Classic - Ode to Eau

Dang. I got lit again at this year’s Manhattan Cocktail Classic!

Last year, at the first  event, I polished off everything put in front of me. And by the time we left, I could barely walk in a straight line. That class was held at Rouge Tomate, with a bevy of fresh cocktails totally made with organic and house-made ingredients.

This year, I made sure to eat a good meal ahead of time. I drank plenty of water before and during the event. I poured lots of delicious amazing remnants of cocktails into the slop basket. And I could barely walk straight AGAIN!

Each of the 100 plus events at the Manhattan Cocktail Classic is different, sponsored by a different successful bar in Manhattan, with different sponsors.

Manhattan Cocktail Classic - Ode to Eau

Our first event this year was Ode to Eau held at Middle Branch, and sponsored by Dipsology, and St. George Spirits. It was fascinating to learn about the importance of water in releasing the volatile oils in spirits. We cleansed our palates with water and crackers. Sipped the delicious St. George liquor straight. Then added half a dozen drops of water, and watched the physical changes in the spirit and the enhanced aroma. It was my kind of science experiment. More spirits were sampled – straight and with water. Numerous cocktails followed. Of course I HAD to sample everything. And with great discipline, I left many cocktails unfinished. Although, I had a death grip on my splendid Boulevardier, made with St. George’s Breaking and Entering Bourbon, and drank every drop.

Team MKHC had an absolute blast at this Ode to Eau event at the Manhattan Cocktail Classic. Many thanks to Andie of St. George Spirits, Lucinda of Middle Branch and Adrienne of Dipsology. Higher education. Literally.

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