Spring Amaro

Posted on Friday, June 21st, 2013

Spring Amaro

My love affair with all things amaro (the Italian word for bitter) continues. I was quite pleased with my do-it-yourself efforts to create my own amaro liqueur in the middle of winter. So I decided to create my own amaro for each of the seasons. For my Spring Amaro, I collected an assortment of 16 offerings from our cocktail garden. Mainly herbs and a few vegetables like red mustard leaf, arugula and a chive blossom. They have been infusing away in this glass jar of vodka for a couple of weeks now. After 24 hours, I had a small taste of my Spring Amaro, and pulled out the lovage. After three days, out came the arugula, red mustard leaf and chive blossom. I’m aiming for a more balanced herbal blend. I’ll be checking my Spring Amaro weekly, to see how all the ingredients are behaving. So far, so good.

Here’s what I’m using for my Spring Amaro:

  • golden oregano
  • tarragon
  • sage
  • rosemary
  • bay leaf
  • anise hyssop
  • lemon verbena
  • lemon balm
  • marjoram
  • bronze fennel
  • basil mint
  • pineapple sage
  • lovage
  • red mustard leaf
  • arugula
  • chive blossom
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