Rose Geranium & Bourbon Cherries

Posted on Monday, July 29th, 2013

Rose Geranium & Bourbon Cherries

These Rose Geranium & Bourbon Cherries have everything going for them. They are going to be roasted, which will concentrate their flavor. They will be roasting in bourbon. And just to add some spicy interest, several rose-scented geranium leaves are tucked in the tempting mix. I’m growing Attar of Rose scented geranium this year, from the Drunken Botanist plant collection. This attractive plant is very well behaved, with a polite rose aroma and flavor. Some rose scented geraniums I’ve tried before can have an in-your-face presence when added to food or beverages.

Rose Geranium & Bourbon Cherries

The recipe for these Rose Geranium & Bourbon Cherries is quite flexible. Put a very generous layer of pitted and halved bing cherries into a glass baking dish. Add bourbon to a depth of a generous 1/8 inch. Tuck a small handful of Attar of Rose scented geranium leaves into the cherries here and there. Into a 350 degree oven for upwards of 30 minutes. Check on them after 20 minutes, and give them a shake. I crowded the cherries into the baking dish, so they did a combination poach and roast. If you used a larger baking dish, and the cherries had more elbow room, you would get some carmelization. Let them cool to room temperature. Scoop the cherries, remaining bourbon, and rose scented geranium leaves into a glass jar. I topped the cherries off with more bourbon so they were all submerged. Keep in the fridge.

I’m using these Rose Geranium & Bourbon Cherries as scrumptious additions to Manhattans and Sidecars (switch some additional rose scented geranium leaves for the basil mint) . They would be tiptop in a Whiskey Bing Bing as well.

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