Lovage & Nettle Refresher

Posted on Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

Lovage & Nettle Refresher

A couple of less common cocktail ingredients create this lovely Lovage & Nettle Refresher cocktail. Lovage is a hardy herb in my Northwest garden, with a distinctive celery flavor. It looks like a giant celery, and I mean giant. Mine is as tall as I am by the end of the summer. An added bonus are the lovage seeds you can harvest for other culinary uses. Nettles are abundant here in the early spring, and share a bunch of healthful properties. As much as I like the idea of foraging, I have way too many childhood memories of living in the country, and getting stung by nettles on my adventures. I buy my nettles dried at the herbal apothecaries around Seattle, and can even find it in the bulk tea section at our local grocery store. To emphasize the healthful tonic qualities of the Lovage & Nettle Refresher, I went light with the gin pour. Feel free to have a heavier hand.

Lovage & Nettle Refresher

Muddle the gin and one lovage sprig in your shaker. Add the rest of the ingredients with ice, shake, and pour into your serving glass. Garnish with a lovage sprig.



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