Something New – Peket

Posted on Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Peket from Belgium

Here’s an intriguing gift I received recently – a nice assortment of Peket from Belgium. I’m all about trying new spirits, and especially ones from other countries. I learned that Peket starts with genever (pronounced “juh-nee-ver”), a juniper flavored spirit crafted by the blending of neutral alcohol and “moutwijn” or malt wine (grain mash), and infused with herbs, flowers, or fruits. This particular Peket has a lower alcohol content of 22%.

I sampled the Citron and the Speculoos, and was happy to find a bitter element, and a minimum of sweetness. I plan to enjoy them on their own, without any mixers or additional ingredients. A big thank you to my friends, Julie and Luc, for sharing Peket with me!

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