Cocktails for a Crowd

Posted on Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Cocktails for a Crowd

Here’s an easy way to serve cocktails for a gathering. Make a big batch of the cocktail you plan to serve, and divide it up among the guests’ glasses. Add the garnish – in this case, red celery that has been chopped small to float around in each drink, and a pretty stalk for an edible swizzle stick. When each guest is ready for their cocktail, all you have to do is add ice. For our recent monthly summer potluck with our neighbors, our theme was Peruvian food – in honor of two neighbors headed to Peru in a few weeks. So I made Pisco Sour variations. Pisco is a wonderful brandy made in Peru. I left out the egg white to simplify the process. And added an extra zing of flavor with some Celery & Lemon Syrup for my sweetener. Really good.

Another fun garden cocktail using this tasty Redventure Celery is the Redventure Romp. Put it on your plant shopping list for next spring!

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