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Beth Evans-Ramos / Mama Knows Her Cocktails

My name is Beth Evans-Ramos. I’m new to this world of craft cocktails, but I know what I like to drink. I’m a grandma that enjoys a strong, packed with layers of flavor drink in the evenings. I have respect for the traditional recipes, and value creativity even more. Living a greener life is big for me, so using organic and sustainable products as much as possible is what I do.

My husband and I tend an urban food and herb garden in the Seattle, Washington area. Besides spending time with my family and friends, my main passions are traveling, cooking, entertaining, gardening, and making something out of nothing. I’m a reformed hoarder/salvager, and usually will choose to use something I already own or figure out a new use for something old. My home bar is fun, functional and filled with vintage and industrial style. I favor ingredients that are locally produced and hand crafted. Adding a little more happiness to others’ lives is my goal.

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